River Kokemäki

Casting from the shore

Our company has a private area and a fishing pier in River Kokemäki. The area is located in Arantila rapids. The area is one of the best places in the river to catch sea trout and salmon. Also rainbrow trouts like this area. Our company can equipe you with quality fly and spincasting gear.

The Nakkila Rapids offer good opportunities for fly fishing sea trout and salmon.
Due to the water level variation the river is challenging for the first-timers but our guides have keys in their back pockets for all angling places of the river at different water levels. We offer a possibility to cast with a fly from the riverboat in all the angling places and hot spots of the river. In addition, you can fish from our private pier in the upper part of the best rapids on the river.

Rowboat fishing

Do you wish to experience a rowboat fishing of salmon and sea trout in genuine Lappish river boats in Southern Finland? Our company owns several very well equipped river boats. The Nakkila Rapids at the Kokemäenjoki River offer you 11 kilometres of river area suiting perfectly for salmon and sea trout fishing from a rowboat. Our guides know each angling place in this area as their own pockets.

Fishing packages for bigger groups

Do you look for a destination for your company’s recreation day? How would a guided fishing day by the flowing water sound like? Our company has a private area with a fishing pier at its disposal at Arantila Rapids of the river Kokemäenjoki. The private area is located on one of the best angling places of the river with a splendid opportunity to hook up salmon, sea trout as well as rainbow trout. Our company will provide customers with high quality fishing tackle for spin fishing and fly fishing.

The fishing day can be planned according to your wishes. If necessary, we will organise catering, accommodation, etc. The fishing place suits well also for larger groups. You are welcome to spend a never-to-be-forgotten fishing day with us.

Lohijoki Fishing Packages

Fishing takes place in the private fishing area of ​​Lohijoki Oy in Arantilankoski and possibly in other general areas. Lohijoki Oy's fishing area has a 20-meter long fishing pier, a covered dining area, a barbecue area and a toilet.

Fishing packages include:

  • Fishing guidance, boat transportation, fishing permits, life jackets, all fishing tackle (fly and spinning), catch handling and campfire coffee.
  • Dining is included in the price if the trip lasts longer than 4 hours and the group size is less than 5 people. Menu: Grilled salmon, salad and bread.
  • We sell our packages from April to October (depending on weather and flood).
  • The customer takes care of his/hers own clothing. Recommended clothing: outdoor clothing (wind and water resistant).
  • Guide languages: Finnish and English.

Fishing methods: Spinning, fly fishing, row boat fishing

Fishing takes place on our fishing pier and, according to the water situation, from the shore of the rapids.
In row boat fishing, the guide uses a Lappish river boat (one boat can take one customer at a time).
An additional guide brings along a extra river boat. This allows more row boat fishing.

Fish species

Seatrout: Full open water time. Main runs are spring and fall. In summer there are also large sea trout in the river.
Salmon: Summer and Autumn. The salmon starts to run in June and fishing is good until October.
Rainbow trout: The whole open water season.
Other fish species: Perch, pike, asp, chub and pike.

Prices / group

Duration of the trip                                      4h                              6h                         8h

Group size up to 4 people.    1 Guide        350 €                         450 €                    550 €

Group size up to 10 people.  2 Guides      700 €                         900 €                    1100 €

Group size up to 15 people.  3 Guides      1000 €                       1300 €                  1600 €

Group size up to 20 people.  4 Guides      1300 €                       1700 €                   2100 €


If the size of the group is at least 5 people look at the menus.

Lohijoki Oy reserves the right to change order and delivery terms and prices.


We also arrange kayaking trips with our business partner. This is a great alternative for people in your group who are not that mutch interested in fishing.

You can also book and include our Party & Conference venue Lohiranta to your fishing day. It`s a good place to hold meetings or for dining in the evening.

Ask for an offer so we can prepare a suitable package for you!

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