Workplace health days

A workplace health day lifts up your team spirit

A workplace health day is the tool to improve the spirit of togetherness. A small detachment from everyday life in the heart of nature refreshes and relaxes.

Ask for a offer and we will make the right package for you whether your group is big or small. Packages can be combined with kayaking, church boating or even adventure track activities. We have organized trips for up to 100 people.


For excample


The day starts with a gathering in Lohiranta meeting room at Arantilankoski where you enjoy our morning coffees and rolls. After breakfast you go fishing, kayaking and church boating. For lunch you enjoy a salmon soup at Lohiranta. After lunch activities will continue. Outdoor activities end with afternoon coffees.

After a day on the river, we take you to the meeting room Verstas. At Verstas you can have a meeting or just hang out with your group. At the end of the day, you move to the backyard to a underground smoke sauna by the pond. In this sauna you can enjoy really gentle steam baths and chill in the terrace or in the fireplace room. After that you enjoy a barbecue meal or a fish table which includes blazed salmon.