Terms of booking

Booking in advance and contact information                     

Booking confirmation

  • Reservation of accommodation, boat rental in River Tornio or guide services is confirmed when the customer has notified the booking by e-mail or by letter to Lohijoki Oy.

Booking and payment

  • We charge the total payment with cash or bank card when arriving unless otherwise agreed.

Cancellation of reservation

Cancellation is deemed to have taken place when information has been made in writing to Lohijoki Oy (letter or e-mail).

  • No later than 28 days before the start of the reservation, the office costs 50 €.
  • No later than 28 days, but no later than 14 days prior to the start of the reservation by paying a cancellation fee of 30% of the booking price.
  • Less than 14 days, but no later than 48 hours before the start of the reservation, paying a cancellation fee of 50% of the booking.
  • If the reservation is canceled later than 48 hours before the start of the reservation, the entire reservation will be charged.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the customer is entitled to a refund of the sums he has paid if the customer himself or a close relative is seriously ill, suffers a accident or dies. The cancellation must be reported without delay and the matter must be proven in a reliable manner, for excample by a medical certificate. If cancellation is made during the reservation, the customer's payment will not be refunded.
  • In case of force majeure, Lohijoki Oy may cancel the reservation. The customer then has the right to fully refund the amount he has paid.
  • Lohijoki Oy is not liable for any damage caused to the customer due to unforeseeable force majeure or natural phenomena not caused by Lohijoki Oy and the consequences of which Lohijoki Oy could not reasonably have prevented. Lohijoki Oy also does not bear the damages or consequences caused by normal natural phenomena.

Staying at Lohijoki Oy Salmon Camp at Tornionjoki

  • The rental day of accommodation starts on 14.00 on the day of arrival and ends at 12.00 on the day of departure. The boat rental day begins and ends at 14:00.
  • Arrival to accommodation will take place at an appropriate time agreed with Lohijoki Oy and the customer. Lohijoki Oy will provide the customer with keys at a pre-agreed time. Customer is the responsibility of the key during the stay.
  • The use of tents, caravans, or camper vans is forbidden with out a pre agreed payment.
  • Smoking is forbidden in all indoor areas. Unauthorized smoking is charged for a ventilation fee. Lohijoki Oy is not responsible for allergies caused by unauthorized smoking or similar problems.

Number of people

  • The apartment can only accommodate a pre-arrival or arrival-declared number of people.


  • The customer can bring pets only if agreed with Lohijoki Oy's staff beforehand.
  • The customer is responsible for all pet damage.
  • Lohijoki Oy is not responsible for allergies caused by animal dust or other problems.

The customer's responsibility

  • The customer is obligated to follow the instructions and regulations regarding the use of the services and is liable for damages caused to the premises or furniture and the loss of keys.
  • Cases are evaluated and billed separately.

Notification and settlements in case of conflict

  • Any deficiencies or damage to the accommodation and condition of the resort must be reported immediately to the staff so that they can be remedied as far as possible.
  • Compensation requirements and remarks on ordered services that could not be corrected during use of the service must be made in writing to Lohijoki oy two weeks after the end of the reservation.
  • If the parties do not agree on the matter, you can refer the matter to the Consumer Complaints Board.
  • If no agreement is reached, the dispute will be dealt with by the district court. The contract is subject to Finnish law.

Lohijoki Oy reserves the right to make any changes.

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Rental boat terms in River Tornio


a) The renter is obliged to pay particular care and caution when using the boat

b) The renter is responsible that the boat driver has sufficient knowledge and skills to handle the boat to be rented.

c) When the boat is not under supervision, it has to be locked.

d) When Lohijoki hands over the boat to the renter, both parties should check the condition of your boat to prevent disputes regarding possible damage.


a) The renter is liable up to the limit of the deductible to pay any damage to the boat / engine and its accessories during the rental period and to pay for lost parts and equipment during the rental period.

b) If damage to the boat or the boat renter is done by intention or using the boat under influence of alcohol or other drugs. Or by using the boat not following the instructions. In these cases the renter is responsive to pay for all the damage to the boat to Lohijoki Oy

c) The renter is released from liability if Lohijoki Oy is fully compensated for the damage on the basis of the insurance or the causer of the damage.


The boat has a valid boat insurance. The renter's share of damage costs is 500 euros.


The renter must immediately notify Lohijoki Oy of any error, accident or theft.


a) The boat must be returned to the agreed place at the end of the agreed rental period. The boat must be returned cleaned.

b) If the customer returns the boat before the end of the agreed rental period unused time is nonrefundable.


Lohijoki Oy is entitled to terminate this agreement during the lease time if it becomes apparent that the renter violates this agreement or that Lohijoki Oy does not consider the renter to be able to handle the boat properly. Costs of this action are nonrefundable


Using the boat outside the agreed fishing zone is prohibited. Rental boats may be used between Tolpinniva - Alinen Korpikoski. It is forbidden to drive through Korpikoski with rented boats. The fishing area and driving lines are indicated in the charts.


Lohijoki Oy does not refund any damages to the renter or the renter's personal property.